Bishnu Prasad Poudel & Hari Bansh Jha (eds), The New Dynamics of Conflict in Nepal (Kathmandu: NAC-SSA, CETS & FES, 2009)

Book Reveiw by
Bipin Adhikari
Source: New Spotlight Newsmagazine (September 25 - October 15, 2009)

This is a new book on the topical issue of conflict. It got this shape following a two-day national seminar held in November 2009 on "The New Dynamics of Conflict in Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities." The seminar focussed on the post-conflict situation in the context of new armed groups creating law and order problems in the country, particularly in the Terai region, where killings, abductions, and extortions have become very common. It includes papers presented by Dev Raj Dahal, Bishnu P. Poudel, Hari Bansha Jha, Manish Thapa, Chandra Kishore, Som P. Pudasaini, and Dinesh Tripath, in the area of their specialization, and has a brief report of the seminar at the end. The editors pinpoint in the preface of the book that "if the situation is not handled carefully, the country might plunge into a long term civil war.

The book has a Foreword from the Rt Hon'bleVice-President of Nepal, Mr Parmanand Jha. It is a handy, useful work for anybody on the theme. None of the papers, however, adequately cover the India factor in the conflict dynamics of Nepal.





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