ALIN General Meeting and International Conference on Current Status and Legal Issues of Land Expropriation Issues in Asia


Welcome Note

Dr Bipin Adhikari

Dear President Ik Hyeon Rhee of Korea Legislation Research Institute 
Dear representatives of ALIN members 

Ladies and Gentlemen 

Good morning! 

It is wonderful to receive you all in Kathmandu today to take part in this year’s ALIN General Meeting and International Conference.

Kathmandu is one of the most historical cities in the Himalayan region. Now is a pleasant time for visitors to see this lively city from different perspectives. The air is fresh from the rainy season having just come to an end. The hills and fields around us are lush, green, and beautiful, and the sky is clear and blue. Rivers and streams are still swelling, and Nepal’s festival season has just begun. You are some of the early birds in Kathmandu for this tourist season that will get a chance to observe the beautiful majesty of Nepal that the autumn and following winter bring. I am honored to welcome you to Kathmandu city - the pride of our civilization - for the ALIN General Meeting and International Conference. 

I hope that most of you have had an opportunity to visit some sites and scenes in the Kathmandu valley. If you have not yet, do not worry, for there is a three-hour tour waiting for you tomorrow. Those of you who have extended your stay beyond the AILIN forum, this three hour trip could be a prime opportunity to explore the culture and heritage of the Kathmandu Valley. 

The Kathmandu University has its main campus on the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley. It is 30 kilometers away from here. The School of Law sits on a small hill very close to the main campus. Our University is a young university and just celebrated its silver jubilee last year. The School of Law is the youngest school and only in the fourth year of its academic calendar. As a new sect, the School of Law concentrates on interdisciplinary studies of law, focusing on research in areas like corporate law, trade, investment, intellectual property and energy, and infrastructure law. Our undergraduate legal studies programme is an integrated Bachelor of Business Management & Bachelor of Law (BBM,LL.B), that aims to generate human resources that can support the development and reconstruction of Nepal.

As the Dean of the School of Law, I am very pleased to see the 2017 General Meeting of ALIN members being held in our capital city. I welcome you all wholeheartedly. ALIN has a noble objective for this region, that of creating a network of legal experts to work on common issues. I sincerely hope that through ALIN’s activities, we will enhance and strengthen the friendship and cooperation between our institutions and universities. No doubt, this meeting will help us to know and understand each other better and conceive more fruitful and cooperative opportunities for education and research in the future. I would also like to thank the staff of the School of Law and of the Korea Legislation Research Institute, who have worked diligently and tirelessly to ensure the success of this meeting. I do hope that this year’s conference will be as good as the one we had last year and will stay forever as one of our memorable general meetings in the years to come! 

Thank you all! 

Bipin Adhikari 

Dean of School of Law at Kathmandu University

September 13, 2017