Bipin Adhikari, “Nepal – Constitutional reform: peace, power and representation” in ACCORD, Issue 25, Title Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent, April 2014, (Conciliation Resources, London)

Dr Bipin Adhikari

Bipin Adhikari explains how peace and constitution-making processes in Nepal are at a pivotal point. The dissolution of the first Constituent Assembly in 2012, after four years' deliberation and with no constitution agreed, reflected the scale of the challenge of post-war transition in Nepal. Elections for the new assembly saw the Communist Party of Nepal, the largest party in the first assembly, relegated to third place. Adhikari argues that the second assembly needs to learn the lessons of its precursor's failure and engage political leaders, embrace civil society dialogue and overcome political differences in order to advance the ongoing transition....see more 

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