“Congress should reorient its policies “

February 04, 2018
Majority rule in a democracy, but thi principle ha not been ob erved in our ca e in the name of con en u government Thi often give playing pace for the force that are rejected by the people The marginal force have more ay de pite poor public upport becau e they have upport from other ...Read All

दलहरूले सहमतीको नाममा संविधानको मर्ममा प्रहार गरे-डा. विपिन अधिकारी

डा. विपिन अधिकारी, January 10, 2018

Supreme Court’s strong directives to Election Commission

Kathmandupost, October 30, 2017
The Supreme Court ha ruled that the Election Commi ion (EC) ha to provide clarification for u ing one ballot paper for federal parliamentary and provincial a embly poll le than a month away from the fir t pha e of aid election The timing of the verdict ha rai ed que tion on whether the EC can print out new ballot paper on time, and what it mean overall for Nepal’ Con titution—which ha to be ratified by a new elected Parliament by January 2018—if it can’t Mukul Humagain and Binod Ghimire talked to Bipin Adhikari, Dean of the Kathmandu Univer ity School of Law and ...Read All

‘यो संसद्ले संशोधन गर्नै मिल्दैन’

October 29, 2017
डा विपिन अधिकारी कानुन र संविधानका ज्ञाता हुन् । खासगरी संवैधानिक कानुनबारे दख्खल राख्ने र त्यसैका आधारमा कुनै पनि विषयवस्तुमाथि खरो टिप्पणी गर्ने उनी यो संसद्ले संविधान संशोधन गर्ने हैसियत नै राख्दैन भन्छन् । अनि अहिले ...Read All

Two-phase Election is Proplematic

The Rising Nepal, May 02, 2017
The government ha finally introduced the revi ed Con titution of Nepal (Second Amendment) Bill 2074 to the parliament The proce on the Bill ha already tarted, following di cu ion on the concept of the Bill la t week Meanwhile, the preparation of the Election Commi ion for the local election , lated for May 14, ha al o reached the final tage The political partie are cro ing word over the tatute amendment and election Ritu Raj Subedi of&nb p;The Ri ing Nepal&nb p;talked with enior con titutional expert and Dean of the Kathmandu Univer ity School of Law (KUSL) Dr Bipin ...Read All

प्रधानन्यायाधीशलाईलागेको महाअभियोग केही नेताको अभिमानको ठेसः संविधानविद् विपिन अधिकारी

Dr Bipin Adhikari, May 02, 2017