Parties ‘betray’ people over statute-making 2


As relations have soured of late among the political parties that joined hands to bring political change in Nepal in 2006, there are also fears that the new CA may meet a fate similar to that of its predecessor. "Over-ambition in the CA has caused difficulties in institutionalizing not only the past achievements but also the new achievements made through the more recent political struggles," argued constitutional expert Dr Bipin Adhikari.

Adhikari attributes the failure of the political leaders to bring a new statute to the trust deficit seen among major political parties, the influence of external actors and the lack of a guarantor to ensure implementation of a new statute. "Although the second CA election clearly showed that the Nepali people want to bring the Maoists into mainstream politics, they do not want to give them full rein over drafting the new constitution," he said while analyzing the tardiness in constitution drafting.