Constitution Watch Group at Nepal Law Society

Constitution Watch Group is a network of independent people committed to the Constitution of Nepal and its institutionalization. It was established a year ago with the aim of supporting the effective implementation of the new constitution through constant monitoring. At this crucial phase of constitution implementation, there is an urgent need for careful monitoring and evaluation of each and every step by a group of independent and respected members of civil society. The group can not only identify the problem areas but also help the government, the judiciary and the parliament by pointing out the correct resolution. The Group helps in the proper establishment of many constitutionally-envisaged structures for proper exercise of federalism. The Group will also help the common people understand how appropriately their constitution is being utilized. It provides a platform for research, study and recommendations that are neutral, independent and fact-based. The Group aims to provide moral compass and reasoned voice on issues of great national importance.

Objective of the Interaction

– To review the implementation of the new constitution through leaders of executive, legislature and judiciary

– To identify challenges in constitution implementation and suggest ways to overcome them

– To build coordination among executive, judiciary and legislature in the implementation of the constitution


– Implementation of the constitution reviewed by leaders of three organs of the state together

– Dialogues on state of constitution implementation facilitated among government agencies, constitutional commissions, leaders of three organs and civil society leaders


– Parliamentarians, Political leaders, judges, lawyers, civil society leaders, experts, Media


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