Eagle-i Internet Portal for Law Project

Eagle-i Internet Portal for Law Project
Eagle-i (Electronic Access to Global Legal Information) is a free to use dedicated portal to high quality legal information sources on the Web - being developed by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies as a national service for law.

Eagle-i Internet resource database - find high quality resources for law on the web at www.ials.sas.ac.uk/eagle-i.htm

Eagle-i is designed to help legal researchers find relevant information on the Internet - providing insight into authoritative web resources and the most reliable sites and materials, through site profiles, content assessments and well-maintained dynamic links.

Coverage includes: UK, European, Foreign, Comparative and International law

The Internet has become a valuable research tool for law but finding the most relevant and trusted sites can demand time and a range of information skills.

  • Who is the source?
  • What is the content?
  • When was the information produced and published?

The Eagle-i portal's Internet resource database is designed to help save time and aid discerning use of the Internet.

Eagle-i can be searched using a simple search screen which enables you to find relevant sites from words in the title or our description. Brief results provide a link to the site itself and an option to see more detail about the site. Over 4,500 resource records in Eagle-i feature brief evaluative descriptions indicating who is providing the site and why - with a note on important content and coverage to help in judging which Internet resources are appropriate for your particular legal studies and research.

Searches can be focused on sites concerned with a particular country or jurisdiction.
Eagle-i has worldwide coverage and includes records for sites dealing with more than 200 countries as well as non-governmental international bodies and organisations involved in international law.

Searches can also be filtered by a range of resource types represented in the database. These include primary and secondary legal materials such as: legislation, law reports, treaties, government sites, journals, professional organisations, resource guides, and social media.

Subject keywords are assigned to site records to help identify a full range of legal topics.

Eagle-i is designed to enable law lecturers, researchers and students to discover and access quality Internet resources. It builds on records originally created by IALS for the respected Intute: Law service (which will soon not be updated) and continues our work in identifying the best of the web for law.

The Eagle-i Internet portal for law is being developed by IALS with support from the School of Advanced Study , University of London

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